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Is anyone among you suffering? ... Pray. James 5:13
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In His Presence Cover

Eucharistic Adoration Prayer Book

In His Presence
Seven Visits to the Blessed Sacrament

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This Scriptural meditation book outlines SEVEN VISITS to the Blessed Sacrament and was inspired by the Holy Thursday Seven Church Pilgrimage. Seven Church Visits Information. This prayer book can alternatively be used for seven consecutive days for a special prayer request. Or, when you can spend time visiting Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.
64 pages. 21 Gustave Dore Illustrations from Dante's Divine Comedy.
5 1/2 by 8" $7.00

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Inspiration and Meditation through Art and Literature Pope Benedict XV's Encyclical on Dante "IN PRAECLARA SUMMORUM" (April 30, 1921) stated that "Among the many celebrated geniuses of whom the Catholic faith can boast who have left undying fruits in literature ... highest stands the name of Dante Alighieri..." [IPS, 1] Three pictures from The Dore Illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy are included for each of the Seven Visits. Pope Benedict XV further said that while the Divine Comedy "uses various symbolic images and records the lives of mortals on earth, it has for its true aim the glorification of the justice and providence of God who rules the world through time and all eternity and punishes and rewards the actions of individuals and human society." [IPS, 4]
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Revised Edition, New Pocket Size Format, Lower Price
The Suffering Servant's Courage
A Scriptural Rosary
4 " by 6 1/2"; 96 pages; 36 illustrations.

On the Importance of Being the Suffering Servant

The Suffering Servant is a figure described in the Book of the Prophet Isaiah. Indeed, its direct and indirect use by Our Lord Jesus Christ and its vast role in the life of the Church had led the Fathers to refer to this book as the “Fifth Gospel.”
Continue to read the Foreword.
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Christine Haapala is the author of over 13 Scriptural prayer books. She founded Suffering Servant Scriptorium in the Jubilee year – 2000. The Suffering Servant’s Courage was one of her first prayer book. This new pocket-size format means you can carry the book in your back pocket, briefcase, or purse, thus having it available anytime for prayer.

This prayer book integrates poignant Sacred Scripture verses about courage and strength, the prayers of the mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary, and the inspired artistic genius of the 19th century Catholic illustrator, Gustave Dore. All 20 Rosary mysteries are included.

These Bible stories show how much Jesus suffered for you and me. Since Jesus’ birth, the Blessed Virgin Mary bore the prophetic message that her heart would be “pierced by a sword.” She was nearly alone at the foot of the cross. Mary’s heart was surely pierced, when she saw her son’s heart, pierced by a lance.

"I have heard many Catholics say that they found the Rosary monotonous. ... Christine Haapala’s Scriptural Rosary, with illustrations by Gustave Dore, is anything but boring. It helps one to pray the Rosary while really meditating…
from Introduction

To love as the Suffering Servant means to follow the path of self-sacrifice – a way that would be impossible without the courage of the Suffering Servant.
from Foreword

Download the Scriptural Decade PDF for The Fifth Joyful Mystery: The Finding of Jesus in the Temple

Download the Scriptural Decade PDF for The Second Sorrowful Mystery: The Scourging at the Pillar

Fatima Collection [$62.70]
13 Scriptural Prayer Books - save 45%
Includes 8 Scriptural Rosary Books


Includes -
  • Children
    • Speak, Lord, I am Listening
    • Follow Me
  • Rosary
    • Living in Imitation of Christ
      NEW!! in 2022
    • Priest Prophet King
      NEW!! in 2021
    • Pearls of Peace
    • The Suffering Servant's Courage
      NEW Revised Ed!! in 2023
    • Psalter of Jesus and Mary
    • "In the Beginning..."
      NEW!! in 2021
    • From Genesis to Revelation
  • Eucharistic Adoration
    • In His Presence
  • Chaplets
    • His Sorrowful Passion
    • Seraphim and Cherubim
  • Novena
    • Sanctify my Heart
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Living in Imitation of Christ

A Scriptural Rosary about Men for Men

Pocket Collection - 20% SAVINGS!!!

The Psalter of Jesus and Mary
and New in 2022!!
Living in Imitation of Christ
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in the Beginning cover

"In the Beginning..."A Scriptural Rosary according to the Pentateuch [$7.00]

by Christine Haapala
Illustrations by Christine Parson and Kristiina Ujueta

(6" by 9") prayer book.

64 pages and includes 18 illustrations from both the Old and New Testament.
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Kindle Version. For more information about the Kindle Lending Library or to purchase "In the Beginning..." in Kindle Format, Order Now.

In her eleventh Scriptural prayer book, Christine Haapala reveals another view of the mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary through meditations from five books of Moses - the first books of the Bible - the Pentateuch. “In the beginning...” is a unifying theme to meditate on the entirety of the Gospels as reflected in the mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary. This book, “In the Beginning…”, updates Book 1: The Pentateuch in From Genesis to Revelation. The Our Father meditations are selected from Sacred Scripture verses that focus on “In the Beginning…”. The Hail Mary meditations are selected from the Pentateuch [Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy]. Additional verses are selected from the Catholic Old Testament books of Wisdom and Sirach. All new meditations for the Luminous Mysteries were selected for this book.
Prayer Sample Mysteries
joy luminous sorrow glorious
Joyful Luminous Sorrowful Glorious
from the Author's Note in this prayer book

Fifty years ago, the crew of Apollo 8 read from the Book of Genesis as they orbited the moon. Astronauts Bill Anders, Jim Lovell, and Frank Borman recited Genesis chapter 1, verses 1 through 10. They started with “In the beginning, God created…” and they concluded with “God bless all of you, all of you on the good Earth.” ... Like those astronauts some fifty years ago, who recited the words “In the beginning…,” we too know that the God who has no beginning, gave us the breath of life and formed our world out of nothing. ...

In the 1990s, I wrote From Genesis to Revelation. This prayer book was a collection of seven scriptural rosaries based on selections from the entirety of Sacred Scriptures. ...

A Scriptural Rosary simplifies, yet spiritually edifies, the meditation process of the praying of the Most Holy Rosary. A Scriptural Rosary is a conversation with God. ...

Pope Saint John Paul II in his 2002 Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae recommended praying a new set of mysteries called the Luminous Mysteries. The Luminous Mysteries filled in the chronological gap from the Fifth Joyful Mystery with Jesus as a boy of twelve to the First Sorrowful Mystery when Jesus begins His Passion in the Garden of Gethsemane. ...

... Over the years, I have had many requests to update the Seven Scriptural Rosaries in From Genesis to Revelation with meditations for the Luminous Mysteries.

Psalter cover First, in 2004, Psalter of Jesus and Mary A Scriptural Rosary according to Psalms and Proverbs updated Book 4: The Psalms in From Genesis to Revelation. ... To unveil the new Luminous Mysteries in light of Scripture, I selected meditations from the thirty-one Proverbs, the wise words of Solomon.

Next, in 2009, Pearls of Peace A Rosary Journey through the Holy Land updated Book 6: SS Peter and Paul in From Genesis to Revelation. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI declared a Jubilee Year of St. Paul from June 2008 through June 2009. I ... New St. Paul reflections were selected for the Luminous Mysteries. Keeping with the theme of Jesus’ life on earth, this prayer book was illustrated with photography from the Holy Land.

in the Beginning coverNow, in 2019, I focus on the theme of Creation and how “In the beginning...” is a unifying theme to meditate on the entirety of the Gospels as reflected in the mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary. ...

Read the complete Author's Note
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Train a Child Prayer Kit

Bilingual Prayer Kit [$20.00]
($32.40 when products sold separately. Over 40% savings.

  • Habla, Señor, Yo Te Escucho (A Scriptural Rosary Book in Spanish) Special Note: This book is currently printed in Black and White.
  • Speak, Lord, I am Listening (A Scriptural Rosary Book in English)

  • Rosary and Stations of the Cross Poster
  • 20 Prayer Bookmarks - 10 Rosary in Spanish and 10 Divine Mercy in Spanish

    More information about Speak, Lord, I am Listening
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