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The Psalter of Jesus and Mary A Scriptural Rosary according to Psalms and Proverbs [$4.00]

by Christine Haapala and Illustrations by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld

Pocket size (4" by 6 1/2") prayer book.

This Scriptural Rosary presentation includes selections from Psalms and Proverbs with the prayers of the 20 mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary. 96 pages and includes 47 illustrations from both the Old and New Testament.
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150 Hail Marys and 150 Psalms:
What is the Connection?

from St. Louis de Montfort's SECRET of THE ROSARY


"EVER SINCE Saint Dominic established the devotion to the Holy Rosary up until the time when Blessed Alan de la Roche re-established it in 1460, it has always been called the Psalter of Jesus and Mary. This is because i It has the same number of Angelic Salutations as there are Psalms in the Book of the Psalms of David. Since simple and uneducated people are not able to say the Psalms of David the Rosary is held to be just as fruitful for them as David's Psalter is for others."

from the Author's Note in this prayer book

"For many centuries, the Most Holy Rosary consisted of fifteen decades prayed in three groups of mysteries - the Joyful, the Sorrowful, and the Glorious. St. Pope John Paul II recommended an additional set of mysteries, the Luminous. ... For some, the addition of the Luminous Mysteries may cause concern because of the departure from tradition ... Rather we should be renewed and energized by the addition of these new Luminous Mysteries, looking forward to a revitalization of the praying of the Most Holy Rosary ... This pocketsize book includes the Psalms Scriptural Rosary from From Genesis to Revelation: Seven Scriptural Rosaries. To unveil the new Luminous Mysteries in light of Scripture, we selected meditations from the thirty-one Proverbs, the wise words of Solomon."
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"Let the Children come to Me..."
Mt 19:14
Ultimate Prayer Bundle

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  • 10 copies of Rosary and Stations of the Cross Poster
  • 10 each of the 3 Posters
    Holy Thursday Poster "I am the bread of life..."
    Good Friday Poster "For God so loved the world..."
    Easter Poster "I am the resurrection..."
  • 1200 Variety Prayer Bookmarks (in English) -- 200 each of
    • Most Holy Rosary
    • Francis, Instrument of Peace
    • Chaplet of Divine Mercy
    • Ten Commandments
    • Queen of Angels
    • Stations of the Cross
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    8 FREE Prayer Books also included in the Ultimate Prayer Bundle
  • Pearls of Peace
  • From Genesis to Revelation
  • Psalter of Jesus and Mary>
  • The Suffering Servant's Courage
  • Seraphim and Cherubim
  • In His Presence
  • His Sorrowful Passion
  • Sanctify my Heart
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